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Crossfit 630 Class Schedule

Weekday Classes

5:30am – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
8:30am – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
9:30am – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

NOON – Monday / Wednesday / Friday

3:30pm – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
4:30pm – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
5:30pm – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
6:30pm – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Weekend Classes

9:00am – Saturday
10:00am – Sunday


10:30 am – Monday / Wednesday / Friday

**If there are other class times you’re interested in, please contact us. We are willing to add classes based on demand.

Have you tried Crossfit yet?

CrossFit can be intimidating, but it’s definitely for everyone. Whether you’re in the Special Forces or you are a grandparent, you’ll do the same work…albeit at different intensities, with different weights, or for varied amounts of time. At the core of any CrossFit workout is a mix of strengthening, conditioning and calistehentics.

With a flexible membership, we want you to:

  • attend any class session, which we’ve designed to accommodate early risers and employees in traditional nine-to-five environments
  • feel safe and comfortable, so every session to be led by a certified instructor who leads the entire workout…from stretching to cool-down
  • look forward to your next workout that’s guaranteed to be uniquely challenging

There’s a stigma out there that a high intensity workout can be dangerous, but we want everybody in our gym to feel comfortable moving quickly and with the weight in his or her hands.  Rather than people who are recovering all the time, we want to see people contributing to their fitness.

As a result of a workout at CrossFit-630, you will:

  • have access to objective progress reports, demonstrating that you’re lifting more weight, increasing in flexibility or doing the same work in less time
  • see that we invest in our equipment, in our staff and in your success
  • develop a community of friends who frequently celebrate one another’s successes

If you’ve been attending a big box gym, we’re confident that one session will be the best workout you’ve had. After all, that’s how our owner got hooked on CrossFit in 2009.

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About The Owner: Nate Steele

“I have a membership to another gym,” Nate said. “I’m just here to make my friend leave me alone.”

Now the owner of CrossFit-630, Nate Steele said one workout sold him on CrossFit’s methodology.

He never returned to his old gym.

Nine months later, Nate held a CrossFit Level I certification; a few years later, he opened his first CrossFit gym; and, now, he’s looking forward to meeting you at CrossFit-630.

“Unlike the big box gyms that don’t care if you show up as long as you pay up,” he said, “everyone at CrossFit 630 wants you to be here, get fit and stay healthy.”

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t start “On Monday”, it starts today. Come in and check us out, we have a FREE intro workout available. You don’t know unless you try.