Property Tax Appeal

Appeal Naperville Property Taxes

No upfront costs.  No signup fees.  Lower your tax bill. partners with several of the top property tax appeal attorneys that cover DuPage and Will Counties.  Most homeowners realize savings in just 6-8 weeks from the time their appeal is filed with the county.

Your property is evaluated for potential savings before we begin the process.

What is the cost?

Contingency Fee vs. Flat Fee

Before your appeal even begins an attorney will talk to you about how much they charge and from there you can decide to move forward.  Most attorneys only charge a 33% contingency if they save you money so you have nothing to loose.  You may also choose to pay a simple flat fee instead of a contingency fee.

Why are my property taxes so high?

Property taxes in Illinois are some of the most complex in the country.  There are hundreds of thousands of homeowners that are overpaying on their property taxes year after year.  State budgets are not well and it has a trickle down effect to homeowners and their tax bills.  Property taxes are one of the largest revenue sources for local government.  But there still needs to be a check and balance to make sure your tax bill is normalized and you aren’t being overcharged.

Here is a short list of reasons why property taxes are too high.

  • over assessed values
  • budget deficits
  • mis-categorized properties
  • owner occupied vs. vacant
  • errors in square footage
  • database errors
  • comparable errors
  • human errors

Get a full review on your property to see how your property tax bill looks.  It doesn’t hurt to get it looked at and you are doing your job in helping the county keep records correct to make sure you aren’t over taxed.  Reduce your Naperville tax bill.