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Investor focus real estate agent with detailed process designed especially for real estate investors.  Office in Naperville.

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Call: 630-596-5079

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Don’t buy your dream home.  Buy a money-making home that puts your dreams within reach.

Wall Street traders don’t buy shares of a company just because they like the products. They invest in companies that will provide a return on investment. We do the same with real estate in the greater-Naperville area.

  • Our relationships with banks and the federal government give us premium opportunities to review foreclosed and under-valued homes before they go on the open market.
  • Access to financing is critical for investors. Most banks don’t see enough profit from real estate investors, but our partners offer volume discounts and availability to our clients.
  • We conduct three times as many transactions as most other realtors every year. We know what areas are trendy, what areas are over-priced, and where people will want to live in the next 10 years.
  • Investment property is all we do. While any realtor can sell you a foreclosed home, we scour the market from Wisconsin to Indiana like no one else.

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As a real estate investor, we focus on the cabinets and paint color so you aren’t schlepping through Home Depot every week.

Our innovative, simple system puts the right people in reach as you buy a home, fix it up, and generate a revenue stream or profit. We connect you with our award-winning partners in the legal, lending, construction, marketing, and staging sectors, all with us by your side through the entire process.

When our in-house rehab team renovates a home for our investors, we’re focused on your profit.

  • The cabinets and amenities can’t be too cheap or too expensive, for the nicest fixtures will cut into your profit and the cheapest ones will devalue the home.
  • The color palettes and architectural styles can’t just be current. Since our first transaction in 2000, we’ve been looking ahead to future trends in the real estate industry.
  • Online exposure is critical. We pay for premium access to sites like Zillow, high-definition videos, and optimized sales material to connect the right buyers with our clients.

We want to hear from you today. Let us help you buy and sell a home to put your future within reach.

Call: 630-596-5079

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